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Automatic Water Meter Reading and Monitoring

IP Sensing's automatic water meter reading technology provides a reliable, low-cost solution to reading and monitoring water meter and distribution system status and operation. As with IP Sensing's vacuum sewer monitoring and management system, the low-cost ten-year life battery powered IP Sensing Pit-Bull Radio is easily connected to each water meter. The data measured and collected by each Pit Bull Radio is continuously transmitted to multiple data collectors installed throughout the system, typically on a one-mile grid, for transmission to a master data collector at Central Control, achieving real-time monitoring by the utility of its entire system and each component.


Drive-by reading and real-time Central Control:
  • Water Meter Reading
  • Leak Detection Alarm
  • Tamper Detection Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Irrigation and Shutoff Valve Status
Monthly, daily and hourly recording, charting and archiving of data on a 24/7 basis

Alarm and alert notifications by email, phone and pager

With over 20,000 units deployed, IP Sensing automatic water meter reading units have an established track record for exceptional performance.