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Vacuum Sewer System Management by IP Sensing

Our VSS solution also provides the utility the ability to actively manage the vacuum sewer system to maximize efficient operation and minimize adverse consequences of surge flow. Surge flow management - the process of controlling the rate of sewage entering sewer mains to better manage surge flow incidents, whether caused by peak usage periods or heavy water infiltration and inflow - significantly reduces the risk of catastrophic consequences surge flow can cause to system assets as well as third-party property. Our solution permits management of surge flow by controlling the release of sewage into the sewer mains using surge flow management valve controllers at the valve pits and providing an alert notification of compromised sewer main integrity using the Pit-Bull Radio network. By monitoring valve pit and sewer main air-to-liquid ratio at selected sewer main lift points, the surge flow management methods determine when to evacuate a sewage sump at the valve pit.

More specifically, the Pit-Bull Radio can delay sewage sump evacuations until vacuum levels have recovered or a full-sump override of thirty gallons is detected. This adds an additional twenty-gallon buffer at each valve pit because a typical valve controller evacuates the sump at a ten-gallon level. Second, the Pit-Bull Radio will automatically inject air into a sewer main when a waterlogged condition is detected at the valve pit or sewer main. An alert notification of the condition is sent to Central Control.

Our vacuum sewer system monitoring solution also improves the utility's ability to develop and implement a cost-efficient preventative maintenance program and avoid unnecessary and costly equipment replacements. For example, each valve actuation is detected and recorded over the life of the valve. Once a specified number of actuations has been reached, the Control Center operator will be automatically notified and valve replacement or reconditioning then can be performed before component and system failure occurs.

With an implantation cost of less than 2% of the cost to adding equivalent capacity to a sewer system (buffer tanks and increased sewer main capacity), IP Sensing's surge flow management system is an extremely cost-effective and sensible solution for increased system capacity, improved system operational control and reliability, reduced maintenance costs through timely component failure notification and significantly lessened risk of equipment and third-party damage from unforeseeable events and conditions affecting the system.